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hitheresparrow [userpic]

Magnets all over the place!

April 22nd, 2011 (05:23 pm)

I can't believe I actually used the word 'huzzah'. It seemed appropriate either way! I guess it kind of fits my current nerdyness. So, my newest infatuation is....*drumrollllll* fridge magnets! It's an odd collection, I know, but I luuuuurrrve it. I plan on having a kickass collection for my first fridge if/when I ever get out of my parents house. Of course I will get out of here sometimes, but it probably won't be anytime soon! ( -_- ). Anyways, I want to have one of those fridges that people stand and look at for a while, you know? I want as many countries as I can stand!

Anyways, I got an awesome magnet today in the mail from Ukraine! It's a map magnet. Everything is in Ukrainian, but it's still super cool! I'm normally not a huge fan of the flat magnets, but for this type, it totally makes sense:

Some other favorties of mine are:

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain

Paris, France



Yeah, I am a nerd. And now to spend the rest of the day watching documentaries and writing letters! *possibly insert nap here*


Posted by: Inigo Montonya (pinup_x_isis)
Posted at: June 28th, 2011 05:24 pm (UTC)

Awwww I'd love to see your future fridge! + I'm kinda jealous of your Paris magnet! And that's saying something because I'm not really a magnet collector. Although there are some cute ones on the fridge as we speak.

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